Arcane Mage ONE SHOT and other 7.1.5 Arena Ridiculousness!

1 нед. назад

WoW patch 7.1.5 arena pvp is sure interesting after the update.

Fiveshot - Epic, Funny, and Rage Moments Ep. 3 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!)

3 нед. назад

Happy new year! Most epic and funny moments from November and December. Overwatch and World of Warcraft: Legion! See you in 2017!!!

Modern Warfare: Remastered (The ULTIMATE PC Experience)

4 нед. назад

This is my experience in cod 4 remastered so far. What a trip!

Episode 3 - World of Warcraft Epic/Funny Moments PREVIEW! by Fiveshot

1 мес. назад

Fiveshot and the gang having ridiculous moments in WoW pvp this month... Between hilarious battlegrounds, epic fights, and rage filled arenas... you won't want ...

Christmas Special: Censored Collection!

1 мес. назад

All of your favorite Christmas hits but safe for the WHOLE family.

all u ww fuck boys

2 мес. назад

WoW Legion: Epic & Funny Moments #2 (Oct - Nov 2016)

2 мес. назад

Episode TWO of Fiveshot's best moments of recent gaming! Epic moments, rages, funny laughs, and more.

Epic and Funny Moments - 2nd Episode Preview (WoW:Legion Best Moments)

2 мес. назад

October-November 2016 Episode is coming this Monday!!

WoW Patch 7.1 Moose UPDATE!

3 мес. назад

Finally they have adjusted the character's positioning on the LW mount! Or have they?

Every Fucking Time...

3 мес. назад

DIRTY Rocket League Goal

3 мес. назад

WoW Legion: Epic & Funny Moments #1 (Sept - Oct 2016)

3 мес. назад

Episode 1 of Fiveshot's all new clip show! Rest in peace UMadBro Mondays, you served us a good 70 episodes. This show includes all the rages that would ...

WOW Legion: Epic and Funny Moments (Extended Preview)

3 мес. назад

Fiveshot has retired Umadbro Mondays in favor of something more fun and fresh. Still includes a lot of rages but also a lot of the juicy stuff that I usually throw ...

[Fiveshot] First Day Legion Season 1 ARENAS! DK/Rogue 2v2

4 мес. назад

The first day of arenas was pretty fun! Fiveshot and Akrion go Rogue/DK 2v2 World of Warcraft: Legion.


4 мес. назад

But honestly...

WoW Skinners: Spend Ancient Mana whenever you can!

4 мес. назад

Skinning + Ancient Mana = Bad Times.


4 мес. назад

"Mounting Made Easy" As quoted from WoWHead: "Straight up the worst quest I've ever seen in any game ever. Not fun, not interesting, doesn't "teach" you ...

[WoW]Legion Fun #2: LvL 110 Ridiculous Dungeon Moments!

5 мес. назад

Fiveshot and the gang having some slap happy times in max level dungeons!

[WoW] Legion Fun #1 - Leveling

5 мес. назад

Having some fun and taking it slow leveling in Legion!

Fiveshot - One Last Beta Hurrah!

5 мес. назад

The release of Legion is within hours. Beta's final moments for us!

Fiveshot on the BG Loss Debate

5 мес. назад

People want more for losing. What does Fiveshot think about this? World of Warcraft BG loss reward series of threads on the wow forums has caught Fiveshot's ...