Julien Magic

Headless man Prank - Julien Magic

5 дн. назад

Here is my last creation Headless man Prank (surrealistic illusion performance) its maybe not a magic trick but there is still a secret :-) Thumps up for more ...

Squirting Raccon Prank-Julien Magic

2 нед. назад

Julien Magic Pranking strangers with magic tricks and hidden cameras on the streets of venice beach california usa. ...

Asian women reacts to magic -Julien Magic

3 нед. назад

Julien Magic performs some street Magic tricks for some asian girls in venice beach california !

Driving car Blindfolded magic Trick -Julien Magic

4 нед. назад

Here is when i (julien magic) am Driving car Blindfolded with gamer youtuber hazardous! check him out ...

Glowing hot knife vs Hand 🔪🖐🏻 -Julien Magic

1 мес. назад

Hot knife vs Hand trick 1000 degrees knife Prank... performed by julien magic This is just an illusion Do not try this without watching the full video. Please have ...

Stealing Baguette in Paris Prank🥖 -Julien Magic

1 мес. назад

Here is when i stole some french baguette in paris . Pranking using a magic trick! performed by julien magic magicien francis a Paris Dont forget to press the bell ...

Pranking lonely people at Starbucks😳 ☕️ -Julien Magic

2 мес. назад

Vanishing coffee magic Prank at starbucks ! when i use magic to confuse people to think they just drunk my coffee !! subscribe ...

Made my Silver Play button disappear!!! Magic trick-Julien Magic

2 мес. назад

This is when i made my Youtube Silver play button disappear magic trick ! - Julien Magic . finally i got my 100.000 subscriber award ! Thank you all for your ...

Best Magic Pranks of 2016 -Julien Magic

2 мес. назад

Here is my best of Magic Pranks of 2016 including my Original growing arm Prank, Flying ghost Prank,Unliftable woman Prank,Bank robber prank,three legged ...

Back palm Card trick tutorial-Julien Magic

2 мес. назад

an easy way of vanishing a card or a classic back palm card trick cardistry subscribe to my channel: ...

Snow magic trick revealed❄️ -Julien Magic

2 мес. назад

My christmas present for you guys How to make snow Magic trick Tutorial or instant snow Merry christmas from Julien Magic ...

Fake snow Prank for christmas 😂-Julien Magic

2 мес. назад

Fake snow magic Prank for christmas with Julien Magic recorded at the beach in venice california subscribe to my channel: ...

Snow Storm Magic Prank ❄️ -Julien Magic Rep.

2 мес. назад Here is my christmas prank from last year, snowstorm magic prank this is just an illusion not real snow. subscribe to my ...

Burning money magic trick 🔥ft. the Dudesons-Julien Magic

3 мес. назад

Here is a video with the dudesons Jukka at vidcon ,i burned a signed bill that ended up inside of a zippo lighter. subscribe to ...

Spoon Bending Tutorial-Julien Magic

3 мес. назад

Spoon Bending Tutorial-Julien Magic made famous by Uri Geller , a magic tutorial of how to bend a spoon as a magician ...

Money Machine Magic Prank💸 -Julien Magic

3 мес. назад

watch the street hussler/ magician fooling people with a fake money machine on the street in venice beach w Julienmagic ...

Magic trick revealed 4 coin dissapear ft Henrik harlaut -Julien Magic

3 мес. назад

Magic trick revealed 4 coin dissapear ft Henrik harlaut -Julien Magic check out Henrik ...

Unliftable woman PRANK 😂-Julien Magic

3 мес. назад

Unliftable woman Magic prank in venice beach with Julien Magic A classic magic trick performed as a prank on sthe streets and the beach of california ( muscel ...

Magic Trick Exposed coin trick Tutorial -Julien Magic

3 мес. назад

Here is easy Vanishing coin Magic trick Revealed -performed in stockholm by Julien Magic How to do an Insane magic trick your self!

Magician pulls thread thru his Eye!! Magic trick -Julien Magic

3 мес. назад

Magician pulls thread thru Eye Insane Magic trick -Julien Magic street magic /side show stunt performed by Julien magic in venice beach ...

coin roll Magic trick Revealed feat.Henrik Harlaut -Julien Magic

4 мес. назад

check out Henriks Harlaut youtube channel ...