The Mighty Jingles

World of Warships - The Mighty Monty

18 час. назад

In which Tyrael2k3 almost bites off more than he can chew in his American tier 10 battleship, and once again we learn the hard way that sailing broadside on to ...

Super Geek Box December and Man Cave Update

2 дн. назад

If you like the look of Super Geek Box you can sign up at the link below and Super Geek Box will send me filthy cash for every signup. Everyone's a winner!

World of Tanks - Pwnstar

2 дн. назад

In which Dobla_hunter allows a game to get a bit out of control before stepping in and sorting out the amateurs from the professionals... Play World of Tanks ...

World of Warships - Panzerschiff Graf Spee

3 дн. назад

World of Warships finally has a Battlecruiser. Yay! But it's not British. Boo! Those bloody Germans always have to have the last word... All music licensed from ...

Mingles with Jingles Episode 180

4 дн. назад

In todays Emergency Edition of Mingles with Jingles, I explain why I'm a day late for everyone who doesn't follow me on Facebook, and take a look at some of ...

Casual Saturday - Atlantic Fleet

7 дн. назад

Today we're closing up at Action Stations in Atlantic Fleet from Killerfish Games, as the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and her two destroyer escorts, Ardent and ...

World of Tanks - Like A Boss

1 нед. назад

Normally I'd think of something hilariously witty to put here in the description but I need coffee so why not just go ahead and imagine I said the funniest thing ever ...

World of Tanks - Stalins Hammer

1 нед. назад

Starring the SU-122-44, with special bonus feature - Zoltan, Hound of Dracula! Confused? Don't worry, it will all make sense. Sort of. Play World of Tanks ...

World of Warships - Overpowered

1 нед. назад

Hot on the heels of yesterdays USS Flint video, if you thought that ship was overpowered, you ain't seen nothing yet... Get your Jingles loot here!

World of Warships - Our Man Flint

2 нед. назад

Imagine a ship that fires over 500 shots per minute, has a smokescreen, hydroacoustic search, radar, unlimited AA cooldowns, enough AA guns to put the fear of ...

Mingles with Jingles Episode 179

2 нед. назад

Hey you kids! Get off my lawn! I know where you live! Patch 0.6.0 Captain Skill Calculator at

XCOM2 - The Lowest Bidder

2 нед. назад

We had a saying in the Navy. "Never forget that all of your weapons and equipment were made by the lowest bidder." That applies to XCOM too... Get your ...

World of Tanks - Giantkiller

2 нед. назад

In which Circonflexes takes the Type 64 premium tier 6 light tank into a street fight with tier 9 heavies, and wins. The crazy Dutch bastard. Circon on Twitch: ...

World of Tanks - Ammunition Optional

2 нед. назад

Circonflexes is back, this time in the Type 64 showing that when it comes to wiping the floor with the enemy team, using your own ammo is entirely optional.

World of Tanks - Failure is Not an Option

2 нед. назад

When you're in artillery and the matchmaker throws you into a city map you can either bitch, whine and quit, or strap on your man pants and carry like a boss.

World of Warships - How Do You F**k That Up?

3 нед. назад

When the team's almost out of points, ships AND flags, don't despair. Sure, you're probably going to lose, but never underestimate the enemy teams' ability to ...

Mingles with Jingles Episode 178

3 нед. назад

I'm back! Thoroughly rested, despite Norwegian Airlines' best efforts to give me a rage-induced heart attack. Let's see what the new year holds...

Casual Saturday - Noobing It Up

4 нед. назад

It's Casual Saturday, and you don't get much more casual than random world encounters at level 15 in The Division.

World of Tanks - Conquered

4 нед. назад

In which Nosfertanker conquers his enemies (see what I did there?) on Steppes in the British tier 9 heavy tank.

"The Mighty Jingles"

4 нед. назад

Bonus video, courtesy of Keira and Olivia, aged 8 and 9. This is The Mighty Jingles.

World of Warships - The Mighty Mo

4 нед. назад

The USS Missouri is now in the game as a tier 9 premium battleship, but unlike other premiums you can't just flash your credit card to get it... Get your Jingles loot ...