Hi. My name's Jeremy D-dawgg Doodly Dooleyoo and this is totally definitely me writing this. I left town without writing this description because I'm a big silly. Mario Party's a cool game. In it, you can see cool things like Michael make that crazy face you saw as my AHWU background photo the other day. And there's also lots and lots of wiggling, because this is a Wii game. Haha! I bet the name Wii combined with waggling controllers could be turned into a subtle masturbation joke. I wonder if anyone's ever thought to do that? Nah. Probably not, so I'll do that now.
Hey kids! Make sure to grab you Wii and shake it tight so you get more "coins" (and by coins I mean wiener juice) than your opponent on this episode of Mario Party Friendship Playgame Justice Warriors Excellent Shining Force, or as we call it in English, Mario Party 8! This is Dinglebop Doodly signing off. Until next time, Internet, stay frosty. || Get a Let's Play Logo shirt and update your style, too! http://bit.ly/1T4eJXj

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