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A lot of you guys think that our gameplays are all improvised; that we make up what we say on the spot. That's not true. We put a lot of hard work into scripting out each moment of our videos. Here, for the first time, I'm going to share some of that old Funhaus Behind-the-Scenes magic with you. This is the first draft of our script for BLOOD AND GUTS - Killing Floor 2 Gameplay:

Elyse: Shit.
Bruce: Oh, shit!
Adam: What?
Elyse: SHIT!
Adam: Oh, no.
James: Look out.
Lawrence: I've got a gun.
Bruce: FUCK!
Adam: What this time?
(A beat)
Adam: Oh, Jesus.
Lawrence, James (Simultaneous): Shit
Elyse: You guys are shitbuddies!
Adam: Huh?
Bruce: Fuckshit!
(Continues for 13 more minutes)

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