Thanks to Bethesda for Sponsoring this video! Fight like hell during the Doom Open Beta, running April 15th-17th, or check it out when Doom releases on May 13th. || Watch the Full Tournament here - http://bit.ly/20mlepN || Go here for up to date information on DOOM - http://bit.ly/1MZWHVf || Welcome to your doom! Adam Kovic was selected to compete in a tournament of champions - given a chance to become the King MLG-pro-est Doom Player in the land before the general public can touch the game and become way better than him. His partner of choice: Chad Ochocinco! Does Kovic have what it takes to take down Michael Jones and Rob Gronkowski in the first round of the most epic Doom tournament that has ever happened in the ever of ever? He just may. || Get a Let's Play Logo shirt and update your style, too! http://bit.ly/1T4eJXj

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